Voice (Korean Drama)

Category: Crime, Drama, Korean, Popular, Thriller

Title: Voice / 보이스

Country: Korean

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2017

Cast: Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha-Na, Yesung, Son Eun-Seo, Kwon Hyeong-Joon, Lee Hae-Young,..

Director: Kim Hong-Sun

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Voice (Korean Drama)

Voice is a crime drama produced by Korea has just been released in 2017 revolves around the story of the hunt the killer of two police Ji Hyuk Moo and Kang Joo Kwon. Moo Ji Hyuk’s Wife was this killer murdered and father of Kang Joo Kwon many years ago was also the name of this killing. Now, both have decided to work together to find her killer to avenge their loved ones.

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