The Big Brawl – Jackie Chan

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Title: The Big Brawl

Country: Hong Kong, United States

Running Time: 95 minutes

In Theaters: 1980

Cast: Jackie Chan, José Ferrer, Kristine DeBell, Mako, David Sheiner, Rosalind Chao

Director: Robert Clouse

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In the movie “The Big Brawl”, Jerry Kwan (Jackie chan) was the son of a restaurant owner in Chiacago, he lives happily with his family and girlfriend Nancy. One day, his father troubled by a group of business illicit profits. He disagreed and expel them. Since then, Jerry has trouble with this group. They kidnapped his girlfriend and forced him to join the fight “Battle Creek Brawl” in Texas. He accepted the invitation to attend the fight for freedom in exchange for his girlfriend. Here, Jerry had to fight with the boxers in Chicago, including Billy Kiss – a strong opponent he faces. Invite you to watch movies!

The Big Brawl – Jackie Chan


Jerry Kwan and Nancy


Landscape expel illicit profit group

The-Big-Brawl-Jackie-Chan-4 The-Big-Brawl-Jackie-Chan-5 The-Big-Brawl-Jackie-Chan-9

Join the fight Battle Creek Brawl

The-Big-Brawl-Jackie-Chan-8 The-Big-Brawl-Jackie-Chan-10

The joy of victory with girlfriend

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