Romance Full of Life

Category: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Korean, Popular, Romance

Title: Romance Full of Life / Three Color Fantasy / Saengdongseong Yeonae / Vivid Romance / 생동성 연애

Country: Korean

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2017

Cast: Yoon Si-Yoon, Jo Soo-Hyang, Kang Ki-Young, Kim Min-Soo, Jang Hee-Ryung, Hwang Young-Hee, Ji Dae-Han, Woo Do-Im, Woo Hyeon

Director: Park Sang-Hun

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So In Sung was prepared to become officers during 4 years. He spent eight exams but failed, and he continues to strive. Then he decided to apply for the position 1 time jobs high salary with the title “life experience”.

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