Missing Nine

Category: Drama, Korean, Mystery, Popular, Thriller

Title: Missing Nine / 미씽나인

Country: Korean

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2017

Cast: Jung Kyoung-Ho, Baek Jin-Hee, Oh Jung-Se, Choi Tae-Joon, Lee Sun-Bin,...

Director: Ashbun

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Missing Nine Eng Sub

Nine Missing are the celebrities in the entertainment top flight 1 participation performances. 9 people including artists Seo Joon-O (Jung Kyung-Ho), Choi Tae-Ho (Choi Tae-joon), Ha Ji-A (Lee Sun-Bin), Lee Yeol (Chanyeol), Yoon So-Hee (Ryu won) and Bong-Hee Ra employees (Baek Jin Hee), Jung Ki Joon (Oh Jung Se), Hwang Jae-Kook (Kim Sang-Ho), Tae Ho-Hang (Hang Tae-Ho). The plane suddenly having trouble becoming one mysterious accident. 9 survivors, but are trapped on a deserted island. 4 months later, Ra Bong-Hee returned to Korea was the sole survivor of plane crash

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