Larva Season 1 Episode List Full HD – Funny Larva Cartoon

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Title: Larva Season 1

Country: South Korea

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2013

Cast: Red and Yellow

Director: Joo-gong Maen

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Larva is a fun animated film revolves around the lives of two small worms Red and Yellow. Larva season 1 is a series of fun days of two small worms living beneath the sewers of the city, where few people pay attention to. Here, Red and Yellow enjoying everything that they threw down the drain as the form of bread, chewing gum, ice cream, coins … It is still a regular occurrence these quarrels, competing for food or fun with friends like flies, beetle, snails, .. at times of severe weather, such as rain and wind, flooding, drought, winter cold wind, … this place always happen the controversy fun Pop’s two small worms with you, make every attempt to be easily overcome, life is still fun no matter how difficult.

Larva Season 1 Episode List Full HD – Funny Lara Cartoon

A few funny photos in Lavar season 1 Larva-Season-1-Episode-List-Full-HD-5

Competing for food


Eat icecream


Lids play


Scramble gum


Play spring


Ice skating with friends

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