Golden Pouch

Category: Drama, Family, Korean, Romance

Title: Golden Pouch

Country: Korean

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2016

Cast: Kim Ji-Han, Ryu Hyo-Young, Lee Sun-Ho, Ahn Nae-Sang, Dana, Baek Seo-E, Yoo Hye-Ri, Son Seung-Woo, Lee Yong-Joo,..

Director: Kim Dae-Jin

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This drama Golden Pouch is about a genius surgeon, Han Suk Hoon (Kim Ji Han) who falls to the ground and succeeds as a master in dumplings, finds the true meaning of love and family. Comment: – It is really hard not to compare especially if you are a Korean drama fan. I gave it a try by watching the first episode but sadly, i got bored. I didn’t get excited. I also didn’t get the “can’t wait for the next episode” feeling. Some might want this drama, but not for me. Good luck everyone, I hope they can make the fans happy. – Loved Kim Ji Han/Jin Yi Han in “My Secret Hotel”. The way he said her name “Nam Sang Hyo!” sent something through me.

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