Cain And Abel 2016

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Title: Cain and Abel

Country: Japan

Running Time:

In Theaters: 2016


Director: Hideki Takeuchi, Hiroki Hayama

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Drama: Cain and Abel 2016(literal title) Romaji: Kain to Aberu Japanese: カインとアベル Director: Hideki Takeuchi, Hiroki Hayama Writer: Tatsuya Kanazawa Network: Fuji TV Episodes: Release Date: October 17, 2016 – Runtime: Mondays 21:00 Language: Japanese Country: Japan Comment: – omg…why are they so hard to sub this drama…i search it one were subbing this drama…they can sub this drama as soon as possible – whaaaattt….still no sub? Ryosuke Yamada = cuteness overload. Anyhow I’ll be waiting…keep on checking…like an obsessed stalker,.. – Oh yes. I check this always five times every day. Like a Stalker. I love Ryosuke so much. As Singer and Actor. – I thank the uploaders and I do appreciate your efforts. But it would be SO AWESOME to see this subbed faster. So awesome

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