Behind Your Smile

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Title: Behind Your Smile

Country: Taiwan

Running Time:

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Cast: Chang Marcus, Lee Sean, Liu Eugenie, Hong Angel, Yang Esther, Jian Chang,..


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A curse condemns a man to immortality. Zhao Yi Ting (Marcus Chang) is never able to reincarnate due to the curse, so he lives among mortal humans forever and toys with man’s greedy tendencies. Yi Ting’s life becomes cold and meaningless. But when he meets Lei Xin Yu (Eugenie Liu), a young woman whose wealthy family has fallen on hard times, everything changes. He is drawn to Xin Yu in a way that he has not felt in a long time. Will Yi Ting discover a new lease on life through Xin Yu? “Behind Your Smile” is a 2016-2017 Taiwanese drama series. It is based on the German legend of Faust. Comment: – Beware! If it is just starting and this is the first episode, don’t, mind you, don’t start the series. Taiwanese dramas are hell to wait for – it’s just one episode per week, and they don’t get subbed as fast as their Korean counterparts do. Tread carefully, my friend. – Same here. I ended up watching Hapi Mari episodes raw. And I can’t understand basics in Japanese the way I can with Korean. It takes away from the drama experience. – Thanks. Most of the credit goes to Furritsubs, another person that we worked with, and my friend who speaks Chinese.

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